• christy brown; digital resume and portfolio; public relations
    Christy Brown Digital Resume and Portfolio
  • christy brown; digital resume and portfolio; public relations
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How Can I Help You?

Web Design

My work with website development and graphic design gives me a creative perspective on all projects. I have a strong grasp of HTML/CSS and enjoy piecing together websites to best showcase all my clients have to offer.

Public Relations and Marketing

I have a passion for people, a love of writing and a drive to help people design and promote their brand. With a portfolio full of work focused in public relations, I know how to approach PR issues and opportunities.

Event Planning

I love bringing people together and that is shown in my effective event planning experience and my love for organization. I understand that event planning requires both leadership and teamwork, bringing together different vendors to create a smooth, perfect event.

Social Media

My experience with social media planning gives me a strong knowledge of different media platforms. Being responsible for all social media strategizing for clients during my time at Auburn, I have learned when and how to post to ensure my client’s messages are seen.

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