Auburn University Class of 2017

Auburn Samford Hall

For the past four years I have had the privilege of attending Auburn University. A first-generation member of the Auburn family, I fell in love with both the town and school as soon as I stepped foot on campus.

Throughout my time at Auburn I have gained a quality education stemming from qualified, intentional professors and rigorous coursework. In May I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in public relations and a minor in Spanish. Auburn has offered me the opportunity to take many classes that have furthered my knowledge of public relations and below are descriptions of the individual courses I've taken.

Public Relations and Marketing Coursework

Foundations of Public Relations taught a basic overview of the history, functions and practices of public relations.

Principles of Marketing taught a basic understanding of marketing concepts and practices as well as an application of the marketing theory to real-world contexts.

Public Relations Case Studies is designed to provide students with an understanding of both effective and ineffective methods of public relations through the analysis of actual past PR cases.

Multimedia Writing for PR taught the main avenues of print and online writing for public relations professionals including press releases, media advisories, speeches, brochures, backgrounders and an all-inclusive media kit.

Survey Research Methods focused on the importance of applying research to public relations campaigns. It looked at both informal and formal ways of collecting quantitative and qualitative data including sampling, instrument design, information gathering, data processing, analysis and reporting.

Style and Design combined public relations fundamentals with design elements such as creative software, HTML/CSS and content management systems to create an all-inclusive final project of students' work throughout their time at Auburn.

Communication and Journalism Coursework

Journalism Fundamentals requires public relations students to learn the basics of AP Style, correct word usage and commonly misspelled words.

Newswriting gives students an understanding of the elements of a news story including developing skills in organizing facts, newswriting techniques, news values and writing accurate, clear stories that meet standards of grammar, style, law and ethics.

Magazine and Feature Writing teaches students to apply their newswriting knowledge to compelling storytelling. Several of my features are published in my magazine and viewable in my feature writing page.

Concepts of Communication and Journalism teaches students an overarching view of how communication, journalism and public relations all interact in the workplace.

Intercultural Communications examines the communication process as influence by the culture of the participants.

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