How-To Video

How-To Video

This video was created for my Style and Design class as a creative way to display the facts found on my infographic. It was created on, an online, animated software system that allows easy video management and provides templates. This video goes hand in hand with the information on my infographic made in Photoshop with information from PR Newswire. Focused on media targeting, the video takes viewers through five simple steps of improving media targeting for public relation messages. The steps include share your message, key audiences, increase engagement, boost visibility and zero in on audience.

During the video, I dedicated two frames per step in order to expand in-depth on the individual steps. Each pair of frames also has specific animated graphics that correlate to their respective step in media targeting. This video, as well as the graphics and music, was created off of one of the pre-made templates available on This how-to video would best be used in public relations messages targeted at firms looking to improve their client's media targeting and increased press coverage.

Project Details

Client: PR Newswire
Date: Fall 2016
Skills: Powtoon video editing
Class: Style and Design

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