My personal logo and nameplate are found on every page of my website and made in Adobe Photoshop.

My nameplate, located in the top left of every page on my website, is my first and last name spelled out. My first name, Christy, is in Amelia script font because the whimsical lettering reminded me of my push to always look for the light in every situation. The color is a deep salmon, specifically #ed734a, and matches the accent color of my website in order to create a cohesive style guide. My last name, Brown, is in all caps and Regencie Light font which is more structural, reflecting my strong and unwavering work ethic. It also is an accent color of my website, a dark grey, specifically #222222.

My logo is my initials accompanied by a flower and can be found in the footer of my website. The font and color is the same as my first name in my nameplate, Amelia and #ed734a. The flower is white, reflecting well off of the dark grey background of my footer.

Project Details

Client: Christy Brown
Date: Fall 2016
Skills: Adobe Photoshop
Class: Style and Design

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