Media Kit

Media Kit

This media kit was made in my Multimedia Writing for PR class and is a compilation of all the writing done during that semester. For that class I created a client for which I wrote a backgrounder, feature release, news release and media advisory. From there I took my writing and created a Wordpress website for my client in order to display my knowledge of a cohesive digital media kit. The online media kit includes all the writing for my client as well as a home and about page that provides potential journalists with more information about the organization.

My hypothetical client was Florida ConSERVE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating and protecting Florida’s natural wildlife and waterways. Florida ConSERVE's mission was to maintain the state’s 161 state parks, waterways and oceans by sponsoring volunteer programs, emphasizing citizen education and working with state conservation lobbyists. Throughout my semester Florida ConSERVE experienced a Category 4 hurricane, created multiple volunteer groups, partnered with school systems to bring education programs and held a benefit concert for a park’s reopening.

Project Details

Client: Florida ConSERVE
Date: Spring 2016
Skills: Wordpress, PR Writing
Class: Multimedia Writing for PR

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