This tutorial was made for my Style and Design class as part of our digital resume and portfolio. In this video, I take viewers through the steps of pre-scheduling blog posts on a Wordpress blog. This skill was required for my Style and Design class because I pre-scheduled my stories that I wrote throughout the year for different clients and published them on my personal blog. The stories I wrote include features on the Auburn Family Blog, Extension Daily and the Auburn University Newsroom. After each story published in my respective client's website, I pre-scheduled my posts to run on my personal blog and had them link to the original site. This skill of pre-scheduling posts is vital for any website or blog manager looking to effectively space out their story's publishing.

To make this tutorial I used Quicktime on my personal Mac computer. With this software it captured my screen and cursor while recording my voice to make a tutorial video. After, I uploaded the video to YouTube so that it could be shared and also embedded in my website.

Projects Details

Client: Wordpress
Date: Fall 2016
Skills: Quicktime
Class: Style and Design

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